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Thursday, October 02, 2003 

The Menace of UKIP

In only two days in Rome the EU endgame begins. The remaining independence and democratic freedoms of the British nation (including grave concessions on Defence that were bitterly resisted during negotiations of the Nice Treaty) have effectively been surrendered by its Prime Minister to the leaders of France and Germany in a scantly reported stitch-up in Berlin over a flying Saturday lunch almost two weeks ago.

According to this EU Business report on the new EU constitution: Britain's Europe Minister Denis MacShane said "we're 90-95 percent there"."I don't think that voters want Europe to be engaged in months and months and months and possibility an even longer period of constitutional navel-gazing."

What an incredible declaration of an intent to stand firm on NOTHING!

Meantime up and down the UK, many people totally opposed to the further take-over of their country and its absorbtion into the Euroland superstate, having placed their faith, time, effort and money in the UK Independence Party to fight this process, are being betrayed.

Nigel Farage, who has been allowed to take over the party's levers of control, has become solely obsessed with his own re-election to the European Parliament next year, together with as many of his coterie, as he can impose upon the reluctant, disenfranchised and sometimes suspended Regional Committees. As detailed in this blog, the managerial incompetence of the Chairman and other senior leadership has resulted in 'a huge financial crisis'for the party. This has caused the internal disputes to turn to bitter squabbling and scrambling for the diversion of the declining available income and dwindling donations from the few innocents abroad still unaware of what the party has become.

It is past time for those on the NEC, who are fully aware of what is taking place, to come forward and expose the full activities of the guilty parties to the wider membership.

Events in Europe are now moving at such a pace that further delay will not much longer be forgiven.

Those wishing to follow constitutional developments can visit Ironies, where you can be brought up to speed on events, as they happen!

posted by Martin |8:29 AM
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