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Saturday, October 25, 2003 

The EU Menace Mounts

At least daily this blog attacks and probes at UKIP. Why?

We do it because UKIP is rotten at the top and has become financially dependant upon what it exists to fight. Its leadership is corrupt, incompetent and too often both.

The Leading Article from today's Daily Telegraph starts as follows :-

British opinion is only slowly waking up to what is happening on the Continent. Many commentators persist in writing about a common European defence policy as though it were an aspiration rather than a reality. Yet the EU has already evolved its own military structures, with 150 staff in Brussels. The multi-national Euro-corps has been deployed in Macedonia, and a second EU force is active in the Congo.

Last month in Berlin, Tony Blair dropped his long-standing insistence that the EU chain of command be linked to Nato, provoking American fears that the Western Alliance was finished. Yet British politicians shy away from acknowledging what is going on. When he took over at the Commission, Romano Prodi told a British newspaper: "If you don't want to call it a European army, don't call it a European army. You can call it Margaret, you can call it Mary-Ann." Three years on, many are still in denial.

These developments are due chiefly to Tony Blair, who has reversed four decades of British opposition to European defence integration.

The main British party perceived to represent British interests as a nation state was the Conservatives. Led by a Maastricht rebel they should at this stage of the electoral cycle be poised to sweep back to power on an anti-EU Constitutional and pro-Nato foreign policy knock-out. The same paper's front page in my electronic edition bears this headline:-

Tories in crisis. IDS urged to quit.

These two British political parties, the ones most likely to successfully resist the destruction of their nation by the forces of EU Federalism and Transnational Progressivism are in crisis. Those who wish to believe that this is a coincidence, should think more fully of the odds against.

The newspaper also interviews a Mr Richard Cooper described as a great influence on Blair, who next week publishes a book titled, 'The Breaking of Nations'. The interview can be read from here.

The Editorial continues:-

Like Mr Blair, he makes a fetish of the UN and of treaties, whether on nuclear proliferation, landmines or global warming. The two men see themselves as part of an internationalist tradition that, at its best, is a noble one. Yet it brings problems of its own. Without the nation-state, it is hard to see how governments and other organisations can be properly accountable. A world where well-meaning technocrats made the rules - whether through the UN, the EU, the International Court or whatever - would leave little space for democracy.

On a more practical level, there is a real danger that an EU military capacity advocated by Mr Cooper et al will destroy the Atlantic alliance and put nothing in its place. Those European governments that push hardest for a separate defence identity are often the most reluctant to spend money on men and matériel. The belief that the circle can be squared through joint procurement schemes is a fantasy: such projects tend to be less cost-efficient because of the bureaucracy involved and the need to find something for each country to do (witness the Euro-fighter).

Without America, Europe lacks the capability to project force: it has neither air- nor sea-lift capacity, nor advanced communications satellites, nor modern missile systems. During the Kosovo campaign, Europeans flew only two per cent of all missions. In such circumstances, it is provocative folly to pretend that we can manage without the Americans. They may just take us at our word.

Those opposing what to me appears the nightmare scenario described above, must first find a way to dispose of the corrupt and disruptive forces within their anti-EU midst. The leaders are well known, for the Tories it is their too long tolerated federalists. Within UKIP it is those names that appear again and again throughout this website and are listed once more at the end of this post.

The real battle lies ahead. It is one that I believe the British people will instinctively wish to join as the full truth of the nation's betrayal begins to dawn. The fight is against those like Blair, Cooper and their powerful European fellow-travellers, who in pursuit of some imagined multinational Shangri-la wish to destroy all of the ancient protections built up over centuries to protect our nation state and thereby the individuals within it. They have proved they will lie, dissemble and deceive in pursuit of their aim. They appear to be prepared to stop at nothing to attain their objective except to tell the truth. That fact alone being evidence enough of the unworthiness of their aim.

UKIP will be rendered ineffective against the EU while at least these high profile manipulators remain at the head of the party to soil its name in the coming fight . A party with such people at its head can never expect to gather votes! They are:-

Nigel Farage, David Lott, Mike Nattrass, Roger Knapman, Derek Clark, Peter Troy

If they will not go, then UKIP is a lost cause and its continued existence will continue to sap and damage the anti-EU cause. Party members remaining within will be working against their own objectives. To learn why surf this website. For more on Europe and defence visit Ironies

posted by Martin |8:22 AM
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