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Monday, October 27, 2003 

Ashford Methods

We have received a copy of the letter being sent out from the Ashford office. In this case it came with a Video and a request for a donation with the requisite form, again for return to the Ashford address.

Making this example even more extraordinary is the fact that the recipient of this letter NEVER responded to the Daily Mail advert....but had once been a UKIP member a long time ago.
It would therefore appear that Ashford are also trying to tap past members for donations to their new and apparently separate operation.

UK Independence Party
Ashford Office
63 Beaver Road
Kent TN23 7SE

Our Ref: TJQ DM61003

16 October 2003

Dear Enquirer,

Following your telephone call to our office in response to our advertisement in the Daily Mail, I have pleasure in sending you a copy of our video “Shockwaves”. Your brochure and additional information will follow in due course.

When you have watched the video, could you please pass it on to a friend or neighbour so we can spread the word further.

Join us and help us! To become a member, simply complete the enclosed application form and return it with your membership fee to our Ashford Office at the above address, or, you can pay for your membership by Credit Card by calling our office free on 0800 0727730. Since we need more funds than membership fees alone provide, anything you can donate over and above that will be greatly appreciated and will help to make our campaigning more effective.

Thank you for the interest you have shown in the UK Independence Party.

Yours sincerely,

Terry Quarterman
UK Independence Party


posted by Martin |11:36 AM
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