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Thursday, September 25, 2003 

When money is tight, look out for a fight!

And it is fighting that now seems to be getting underway. The announcement by the just sacked Treasurer that UKIP’s Party Finances were in a parlous state was re-inforced by a letter circulated throughout the party by one Branch Chairman quoting the unambiguous facts and concluded “the party is in imminent danger of not being able to pay its bills.“

Among financial disputes discussed during the last NEC meeting, (other than the attempt to dispose of the Treasurer), were reportedly queries over the final destination of credit card receipts and their collection method in respect of subscriptions collected through the loss-making telesales programme.

Ahead of the meeting numerous rumours were spreading throughout the party as to a supposed attempt being mounted by Nigel Farage to channel the receipts of the telesales towards the South East regional office, while hopefully leaving the costs of the operation to be met elsewhere. Whether or not such a plan, if indeed it ever existed, was successfully thwarted was one of the items lost to view in the furore resulting from the Treasurer’s dismissal.

Reports arriving today indicate that a wealthy individual from the 'Garden of England’ is set to mount his white charger to the rescue of UKIP and with a flash of his chequebook make a contribution of up to fifty thousand pounds to see the central party through its difficulties. It would be helpful if anyone knowing such a gentleman could point him towards this blog where he might decide there are better means of countering the EU and all its works at this critical time.

Extraordinarily enough we also hear that payment is being delayed, as a UKIP MEP has apparently suggested such funds might also be better used in the South East region!

posted by Martin |1:57 PM
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