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Tuesday, September 30, 2003 

What drives Booth, Farage and Titford

This is a comparative table of parliamentarian salaries across Europe from EU observer25th March 2003 This determines the amount MEPs are paid.

Remuneration of members of national parliaments in the European Union (Amounts - per month - updated in September 2002)

Austria - 14 months - 7,500 euro
Belgium - 12 months - 5,544 euro
Denmark - 12 months - 5,570 euro
Finland - 12 months - 4,541 euro
France - 12 months - 5,169 euro
Germany - 12 months - 6,878 euro
Greece - 14 months - 4,800 euro
Ireland - 12 months - 5,984 euro
Italy - 12 months -11,779 euro
Luxembourg- 12 months - 4,637 euro
Netherlands - 12 months - 6,467 euro
Portugal - 14 months - 3,448 euro
Spain - 14 months - 2,540 euro
Sweden - 12 months - 4,800 euro
United Kingdom - 12 months - 7,216 euro

On 4th June it was similarly reported in the EUobserver that MEPs had voted to abandon the link with their National Parliaments and instead receive a salary of 8,500 euro per month an increase of 17.8 per cent for the British MEPs.
Commission: equal pay for MEPs strain on EU budget

Part of the offset to these huge pay rises was to be a reform of the 'gravy train' perks, whereby MEP's virtually write their own expense cheques even for items not actually incurred. We hear that one effect of this might be an increase of as much as 20% in the travel expense budget, (over and above enlargement costs!) Some economising!

The ruthless determination of UKIP MEPs to get themselves reselected as lead candidates and their particular friends into lead candidate position in other regions, can thus clearly be explained. It is of course nothing whatever to do with removing Britain from Europe; in fact the effect is quite the reverse.

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