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Tuesday, September 16, 2003 

UKIP’s Ex-Chairman’s Viewpoint

Mike Nattrass, who according to our sources originally was elected to the UKIP NEC on a platform of fighting against Farage and those who had hi-jacked the party, but on the day of the first meeting of the NEC he had lunch with Farage, changed his stance, betrayed all his supporters and lo and behold was made Chairman! He has been debating the present situation with a (once?) loyal party member, who (once?) fully supported the party:-

Loyal Member

Sad though it be, the time has come for you to fall on your sword. We salute you

Mike Nattrass
This storm is about nothing. A co-opted member who the Leadership cannot work with has been voted off, democratically. That is it. There is no financial problem, that is just part of the mud slinging. We have problems, as usual, from a very few who wish to destroy. Just stay calm.

Loyal Member

We shall of course push for an EGM. In fairness to the NEC they have behaved in a very consistent manner of backbiting arguments, threats of violence, bad relationships, etc please all of you do the honourable thing RESIGN for at the moment we are dead in the water resorting to dodgy american spinmeister who never ever
had a power base and there is the disgraced ex pat MP trying to sneak in the
back door.
All of this plus our special hon member GLW - thats got legs on it. We shall see.
So please all of you spend more time with your families otherwise every meeting whether Exeter or London will be dogged by all these events.
It seems to me that you have had your chances which has resulted in the current furore.
yours in hope

Mike Nattrass
(Long section on Company Boardroom analogy cut)
The only real objective is de-stabilisation of the Leader and Party, isn't it?

We were not supplied any other detail, but the editorial view of Ukip Uncovered in response to this query is of course Yes, we sincerely hope so....and about time too!!!

posted by Martin |2:36 PM
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