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Saturday, September 20, 2003 

Treasurer's Letter to the NEC

The text of a draft of the legal letter that was sent by UKIP's Treasurer to members of the NEC last week has been circulated on various internet fora and we thus now feel able to place the text on the blog:-

Draft Letter to Roger Knapman and others

Dear Sirs

We act for John de Roeck, National Party Treasurer of the UK Independence Party (UKIP).

Our client commenced his employment on the 24th May 2000 when his appointment was ratified by the UKIP National Executive Committee (NEC) on that day. His position was confirmed by an exchange of correspondence between ****, Party Secretary, and our client on the 25th and 28th May 2000.

Our client's period of employment is defined by the UKIP's Constitution at paragraph 9 which provides that the Treasurer's term of office shall be "annual". Accordingly our client's contract has and continues to roll over year on year unless terminated on the 24th May of any one year.

On the 3rd September the Finance Committee which is chaired by the Party Treasurer published a report to the NEC, authored by Craig Mackinlay, on the subject of "The experience to date of the Telesales operations in London & Ashford (Seast). Recommendations for improvements and an investigation into the interaction with the financial affairs of the Party and its longer term financial stability." On the 5th September 2003 our client raised an issue with Derek Clark, Party Secretary, concerning compliance with both good financial governance and Party rules. This letter was not well received.

On Monday 9th September the NEC met. The following resolution was put to the vote: The NEC agrees to renew the Party Treasurer's tenure for a further year from May 2003. Prior to voting our client was subjected to hostile criticism but prevented from answering questions put to him. Our client pointed out that his contract could only be renewed or terminated in May of each year. When the resolution came to be voted upon our client was asked to leave the room, but he (rightly) refused. The voting was 7:7 with the Chairman's casting vote against the motion. Our client was informed that he was no longer National Treasurer. Our client asked that the minutes recorded that he considered the motion to be invalid only to be told by David Lott, Party Chairman, that the minutes should not record this view.

The NEC cannot terminate our client's contract in September without, at the very least, very good reason that would justify a summary dismissal.
There is no basis upon which our client could be summarily dismissed. No notice has been given of his dismissal. Your actions are unlawful, unconstitutional, and an infringement of our client's human rights.

It follows that our client remains the National Party Treasurer and it is his intention to fulfil his contractual obligations. Should the UKIP seek to prevent him from doing so our client will take legal proceedings against you, the other persons to whom this letter is being copied and the UKIP to prevent the continuation of your unlawful and unconstitutional acts.

Our client has considered the interests of the UK Independence Party and believes that it will be best served by a quick and amicable resolution to this matter.

In the circumstances we must insist upon your reply within 7 days.
Yours faithfully

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