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Tuesday, September 16, 2003 

Treasurer Reinstated! Cabal Cracking!

The following is an e-mail just circulated amongst many UKIP members from Andrew Edwards a much respected UKIP figure in the South West of England and stalwart campaigner for the restoration of decency to the party:-

Hi, I'm delighted to tell you that J de R has been reinstated, and the illegal decision to dismiss him, by a majority of 1 (thanks to Chairman Lott) has been reversed.

Despite John being willing to give them a fig leaf to hide their guilt, let there be no doubt that this represents a huge loss of face by the Cabal of Knapman, Lott, Farage, and, Clark, shamelessly supported by Graham Booth, amongst others! I expect the Solicitors letter received by them all yesterday/this morning, really concentrated their minds - they were looking at very big bills indeed! The uproar at the EEC meeting, last Friday, might have had an impact on the decision as well.

Next of course one of the same cabal, will have to be held accountable for the leaks to GLW This is a scandal which gives a clear link between UKIP & GLW . The man primarily responsible, cannot be allowed to stay officially hidden. We can only trust that he will now do the decent thing. But if not,he'll have to be pushed!


Andy E.

PS: The actual joint statement from Lott/de Roeck should be available shortly.

posted by Martin |6:49 PM
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