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Saturday, September 13, 2003 

Treasurer? - but NO Treasure!

The above is the title of a post placed on the internet discussion forum eurofaq a short while ago by Christina Speight. As it is so pertinent to the unearthing of the fullest possible financial information on UKIP, so that the party members can take a properly considered view of the party's future or lack thereof, we quote it in full below:-


It is hardly surprising that the cabal around Farage fell out with their treasurer as he tried to stop their reckless spending of the party's resources without any control.

The letter calling a meeting of Branch officers on 20/9/03 (see "Disintegration at UKIP" today) discloses various facts:

As at 31/8/03

1. The party has £10,000 in the bank despite having sold many 3-5 year subscriptions all of which have associated costs in the next 2-4 years.

2. The party spent £100,000 in the election campaigns for the Welsh and Scottish assemblies. But only £41,000 had been approved by the NEC

3. The Party has a legal claim against it of £24,000 in respect of these elections.

4. The national Telesales operation is running at a loss - of £5,600 in
August alone.

So the party has eaten the seed corn for the next few years, is effectually insolvent and will soon probably be 'actually' insolvent.

There are also unconfirmed stories that what funds there are are in danger of being diverted to the S.East region where Farage is the lead candidate. Anyone know about this?


posted by Martin |6:54 PM
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