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Monday, September 15, 2003 

"These Tides"

We are variously informed that the new issue of the above magazine has the following in a discussion piece on the magazine's future:

...."Another option is to sell out to some new blood. Mike Nattrass of UKIP very flatteringly asked to buy "These Tides" and employ Peter Troy as editor. But their blood is not new and we thought they would represent too radical a departure from "These Tides" established culture and declined the offer."

We find this report completely unbelievable, not least because anyone who has entered into any form of written correspondence with Peter Troy will be aware of his valiant struggle with both English spelling and syntax. The thought of him editing a magazine beggars belief!

Further confirmation of the strong links between these two individuals, however, is very interesting, confirming other earlier and more recent diverse reports.

posted by Martin |9:29 PM
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