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Thursday, September 11, 2003 

The Siege of Troy (continued)

Any following the wrigglings of Peter Troy attempting to deny the clear fact that he has been funded both directly and indirectly by the EU will be interested to read the latest exchanges between Troy and Christina Speight:-

Christina Speight asks :

Mr Troy has still not answered these questions.

I therefore assume that despite his denial HE WAS employed by the EDD/EU. Why did he deny it ??

He has also not confirmed or denied that the report in which it was reliably reported that the N.West said there would be resignations if hed id not leave them alone. That was when he was a EU-paid official I believe.

Peter Troy replies:
I am again grateful for the opportunity to confirm the truth.

As a have said many times I had a contract with UKIP which was signed by Geoffrey Titford, commenced in September 2000 and terminated in July 2001. I was not and never have been employed by the EDD/EU !

Two individuals in the North West were opposed to my contractual agreement. I was not aware at the time nor since that this was in any way personal. I have since attended and addressed meetings in the North West as John Moore will confirm.

Quite what Christina is trying to achieve by raising these issues I am at a loss to understand.

With so much work to do why don't we all focus on fighting to raise awareness of why and how we must leave the EU rather than attacking each other.

If we are going to be obsessive lets all be obsessively focused in getting our country back.
Best wishes
Peter Troy"

Christina Speight's response:-

"Peter Troy has NOT here said 'even once' (let alone many times) that he "had a contract with UKIP". . He said I could confirm what his appointment was by asking Mr Titford. The then Party secretary said that the "appointment was by N Farage & J Titford and was an "EDD appointment as Regional Organiser and Fund Raiser, Northern Regions @ £24,000 plus _EU allowances_ plus £4000 expenses". There is a bit of wriggling going on here since "EU allowances" is quite clear. I find it inconceivable that an honourable man (as the then party secretary was) should get this wrong.

I ask and pursue this since UKIP is proving with the aid of EU-paid officials to be a wrecker of the anti-EU cause most recently with the attempt to sabotage the Bath rally, and before that Mr Troy's "stuffing" of the membership lists with the disruption of UKIP in the North East. EU money is funding UKIP and keeping it going. The EU is getting its pound of flesh alright.

I note that my message was sent to eurofaq but Mr Troy's reply is to eurorealist. I presume he will do the honourable thing and copy THIS to eurorealist.

posted by Martin |8:37 AM
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