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Tuesday, September 23, 2003 


The following has been posted by Christina Speight to a very wide circulation:-

It beggars belief that after months of one scandal after another these weak-kneed officers at their unofficial meeting decided to DO NOTHING!!! This in the face of:

1. Intrigue, backbiting, and disciplinary proceedings bursting out all over!! In Yorkshire and the North East the Party headquarters did not like the robustly independent stance of the local committees, so on jumped-up pretexts the entire committees were suspended and their officers forbidden from communicating with party members. The North East Committee protested at the ?stuffing¹ of local membership lists with involuntary members - including one from the BNP! - apparently to bolster the chances in candidate selection for the coming European Elections of the Party HQ¹s favourite. The culprit was found - by the Party - to have falsified the lists but having stood aside in the N. East was approved to stand in Scotland, where this recent history has apparently been concealed . Those who disclosed this malpractice were disqualified from candidature or suspended from office for eighteen months. Similar disciplinary procedures were invoked against the Yorkshire committee.
(NOTE The Yorkshire discipline had to be withdrawn eventually; the North East is unresolved)

2. the loss of the party's chief Researcher who resigned and joined the Tories saying that in respect of UKIP" there does not seem to be any reason for it to exist."

3. The accounts for the party filed with the Electoral Commission were notable primarily for what they did NOT show or say!! They hid membership sibscriptions in branch accounts which they did not publish; they did not comply with the rule that gifts in kind should be declared (eg Nigel Farage's regional offices)

4. The treasurer (John de Roeck) was illegally sacked but after the receipt of a solicitor's letter was hastily reinstated.

5. It was disclosed that at the end of August the party had £10,000 in the bank, a legal claim against it for £24,000 and was losing £5,600 a month on a telesales drive to boost membership in the S.East region (where Nigel Farage is the lead Euro-candidate). Furthermore the 3 and 5 year subscriptions had not been ring-fenced for the next 2-4 years but had been spent

6. And to cap it all an NEC member disclosed that Nigel Farage made it a regular practice to telephone his version of the outcome of all confidential NEC meetings to a non-UKIP member so that the Farage 'line' could be spread round the internet. This recipient was also paid by Farage for his services . The man in question acting as Farage's mouthpiece then broke the law by inciting "patriots in Britain" "to deal with traitors " as the Swedish "patriot' had done. This was front-page headline news but the man was backed by senior UKIP officers.

After all this, the branch chairmen decided that the unity of such a disgraceful rabble was more important than clearing out the dishonest elements in the party - the 'cabal'. THEY DECIDED TO DO NOTHING TILL AFTER THE EURO-ELECTIONS. The honour of our country counts for less than the continuance of EU money for the pockets of a few.

posted by Martin |4:16 PM
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