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Friday, September 19, 2003 

Reforming UKIP

As the UKIP Branch Chairs head off to London tomorrow morning to consider the future of the party, we felt it might be helpful to post the proposal we made last May in response from a request that we understood came from Nigel Farage and and David Lott (via Tony Stone but later denied) to remove this Blog from the internet.

This was our reply sent out on 4th May, 2003. The names of certain parties not now directly involved have been removed, otherwise it is 'as sent' :-

Dear Tony,

I am writing further to last Friday evening's telephone conversation. I am copying this e-mail to Nigel Farage and David Lott whom you mentioned as having an interest in this matter. I am also copying Judith Longman and Michael Rollings who are closely involved in the matters covered below.

All recipients should feel free to give this e-mail whatever circulation they wish as far as I'm concerned. In the event of no reply I shall arrange to have it posted on the Blog after a few days.

I have given much careful thought to what you said regarding the good of the party. At the present moment the Blog UKIP uncovered is only known to UKIP Party Members and it would seem unlikely that its contents would become available to a wider audience outside the party, let alone to the media, unless a particular party member deliberately chose to disclose the web

You may recall that I stated that the objective of the Blog was to aid in the withdrawal of Britain from the EU by forcing a thorough clean-up of the rot that has been allowed to develop at the centre of the party, followed by a root and branch reform of the party procedures that have enabled this situation to develop.

I have therefore prepared a Heads of Agreement covering the main areas that I believe need urgent attention and laid out my ideas as to how they might be tackled. With the following put into effect the concerns raised within the Blog will have been largely corrected and it could therefore be removed.




The undersigned UKIP Party Officials and Members hereby agree as follows:-

1. That the Yorkshire & Humberside and North East Regional Committees be re-instated with immediate effect.

2. ****, **** and **** be removed from the MEP approved candidate list.

3. That the postal ballot be cancelled where the Regional Committees are unhappy with either the procedures used or the Candidates they will be expected to support. The European Election Committee be disbanded and its procedures to have no further force.

4. That the Yorkshire and North East Regional Committees be allowed to draw up a short-list of candidates, as have all the other regions, who will be ranked and selected in accordance with whatever democratic procedures these committees so decide. The North East and Yorkshire Regional Committees' decision regarding the short-lists shall be final.

5. That the Yorkshire and Humberside Regional Committees be fully reimbursed for the costs incurred in fighting their suspension.

6. That the two UKIP MEPs who sat throughout the last Parliament agree to be positioned no higher than second place in the regional party lists for the forthcoming June 2004 European Parliamentary elections (see Conference Proposal [e] below).

7. Because of wide-spread dissatisfaction with the Regional Organisers in certain regions and in order to return the Party finances to a reasonable level to be able to adequately fight the forthcoming European elections, following the recent costly and pointless campaign in Wales and recognising the reduced anticipated annual income due to the 3 year membership programme, the Regional Organisers and **** be asked to tender their resignations
with immediate effect. Those regions feeling able to meet the costs of re-employing their Regional Organisers should of course be free to do so. Regional Organisers refusing to tender their resignations should have their appointments terminated as soon as legally possible unless their regional committee otherwise decides to continue their employment at their own expense.

8. That all reporting of persons to the Disciplinary Committee and disciplinary hearings cease while inquiries under this agreement are underway.

9. That an investigatory panel be established to consist of one member nominated by the National Executive Committee, excluding any paid official or other member involved in the recent disputes namely: Farage, Lott, Nattrass, Harvey, and Clark, and one member each (not necessarily a member of the National Executive) nominated by the Chairwoman/Chairman of the Yorkshire and Humberside and the North East Regions.

The investigating panel may determine removal of Party Officials from their functions and expulsion from Party membership as they deem appropriate, and may reach such decisions by majority vote. (Members of the panel to have their expenses met from Party Funds and to appoint investigators or use whatever other means they deem necessary to establish the facts. Costs of the enquiry will be met from Party Funds).

The panel to fully investigate all matters related to and arising from recent events resulting in the suspension of the two Regional Committees and disqualification of a North East MEP candidate, including but not limited to the following:-

i. to examine all the circumstances surrounding the membership irregularities in the North East and the establishment and financing and use of funds for the Hartlepool Office. That David Lott, Michael Harvey, Derek Clark, Peter Troy, ***** and **** be suspended pending the outcome of this inquiry.

ii. to consider the actions of Nigel Farage in previous matters drawing press attention as well as in recent events including the suspension of the two regional committees and to determine whether he should continue as an approved candidate for the forthcoming European Parliamentary elections.

To establish the extent of the risks to the UKIP MEP campaign as a result of the theft of Nigel Farage's computers from his Sussex offices in May 2002.

iii. to require Nigel Farage to produce the letter he showed to Jeffrey Titford, which the latter described as Mosaic Film's authorisation for the sale of copied Video Tapes. In the absence of such letter being produced, this factor to be carefully considered in deciding any recommendation pursuant to subsection ii above.

iv. to establish the reasons for the refusal by the Party Leader Roger Knapman to initiate a full enquiry on 12th March 2003, when first warned of the likely extent of the crisis now engulfing the party.

v. to fully explore the extent of Roger Knapman's links to and membership of the now disaffiliated Conservative Monday Club and any other extreme right-wing or racist organisations. (Particularly in connection with his attendance and speech at the Connaught Hotel, Bournemouth 9th October, 2002).

Roger Knapman to offer a letter of resignation as Leader pending the outcome of these inquiries. Any new or re-appointed Party Leader to first agree to withdraw as MEP candidate. Following these inquiries the panel will decide whether Mr Knapman should be invited to continue as Leader or approved MEP candidate or neither.

vi. to investigate the actions of M. Harvey, D. Clark and M. Nattrass in recent events and particularly during the Middlesborough Hustings on 17th March 2003 and decide which of these three, if any, should continue in their present party positions.

vii. to investigate the recent actions and communications and therefore the suitability of David Lott continuing as Party Chairman.

viii. to put aside the result of any appeal that might have upheld the disqualification of MEP Candidate Martin Cole and re-assess the disqualification.

Following the above enquiry, a Working Group be established to consider amendments to the Party Constitution deemed necessary as a result of the panel's findings. Recommendations as to constitutional changes should be submitted for consideration and vote at the next party conference.

The following motions are additionally to go forward as Motions for the next annual conference.

1. The Party Secretary implements the measures necessary to amend the constitution
to include the following paragraphs:

a. The Party shall seek to establish a Regional Committee in every UK EU Region.

b. Such Regional Committees will affiliate to the national Party by resolution at their first corporate meeting.

c. The Regional Committee has the responsibility for administering its own financial and other affairs, including the election of Regional Organisers and the selection of candidates for the EU elections. These functions will be conducted in accordance with the procedures set down in the Party's Rule Book.

d. The Regional Committee shall have the power of veto over the appointment of Regional Organisers and regarding proposed rule changes by the NEC, or any subcommittee of the NEC, affecting the running of Regions, associations and branches, subject to the power of the Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting to approve rule changes.

e. The Party Constitution be amended to restrict sitting MEPs to no higher position than SECOND on the regional party list in the immediately following European Parliamentary election. Neither the Party Leader, Chairman, Party Secretary, General Party Secretary nor any paid party employees such as Regional Organisers shall be permitted to stand as MEP Candidates.

Following the agreement on these points Martin Cole undertakes to arrange the removal of the Blog UKIP Uncovered from the web.

The following undersigned Party Officials agree to make every effort to have any motions or proposals necessary to implement these procedures accepted within the National Executive by voting in their favour and to furthermore offer every assistance and documentation that the inquiry panel established herein may require.

Agreed to this ......... of ............... 2003

To be signed by:- Martin Cole, Roger Knapman, Nigel Farage, David Lott,
Mike Nattrass, Derek Clark, and Michael Harvey


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