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Sunday, September 28, 2003 

Racism and Corrupt Practises

We received the following in response to our posting of yesterday 'How Far Right?' which highlights both the potential problems of racist undertones having become associated with the UKIP name but also provides further evidence of the total corruption of the Disciplinary Panel procedures under Derek Clark (see side panel links).

"UKIP's website has a public message board on which there were postings which I found offensive and felt were damaging to the anti-EU movement. They included comments on the employment of Jews, public marches by extremist groups, the rights of homosexuals, the killing of political opponents, and the death of Gordon Brown's baby.

I brought a disciplinary complaint against three UKIP members - Paul Birch, author of the messages and a former UKIP candidate and secretary of David Lott's IOW branch; UKIP webmaster John de Roeck, who had left the messages in place for several weeks and ignored another contributor's request that Paul Birch be banned; and Nigel Farage, who was aware of problems with the message board but failed to take action.

The postings were eventually removed, but in spite of UKIP having been brought into disrepute through its website being used as a platform for views that many would regard as extremist, the discipline committee took no action against those responsible. Paul Birch continued to make postings - in support of Jean-Marie Le Pen; claiming the EU is making 'us' hate foreigners; and calling anyone who is not xenophobic "either abysmally ignorant or an utter fool".

Within days of my complaint having been received, NEC members Nigel Farage, Tony Stone and Derek Clark were colluding in putting together a retaliatory complaint against me, the conduct and outcome of which were very different from the one I had made. In chairing the discipline committee, Derek Clark acted against me by breaking a disciplinary procedure rule, denying having done so, and himself supplying 'evidence' for the complainant to use. I was suspended for eighteen months and my appeal to the NEC turned down. "

Time and again this blog has pointed out the multiple abuses of the Disciplinary Procedures by the panel's Chairman, Party Secretary, Derek Clark but no action is taken. Instead he heads the list of MEP candidates in the East Midlands. A matter of shame for all party members. The proof is here in these pages for all to read!

posted by Martin |6:09 PM
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