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Wednesday, September 24, 2003 

PS on Last Saturday

Signatures are now being collected for an Emergency General Meeting in November as a total of only twenty UKIP Branch Chairman's signatures are required for such a gathering.

Farage apparently reported at Saturday's meeting that new branches were now being formed at the rate of two per day so such a low target should be potentially achievable in a very short time. If some of the newer Branch Chairmen begin to appear as gutless as their more senior colleagues who attended last Saturday's meeting, perhaps they should be shown the latest outpourings from UKIP's senior outside advisor Greg Lance-Watkins (see post below) with a cutting of his recent front page 'Sunday Telegraph' piece!

Meantime suggestions are being made for the standing down of UKIP's MEPs from party positions to allow more time for active campaigning while AT LONG LAST!!! DEMANDS (other than from this blog) for the resignation of Chairman David Lott are finally being heard.

posted by Martin |5:38 PM
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