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Monday, September 29, 2003 

Peter Troy

The above UKIP activist, who retains his party posts, in spite of having been found guilty of various shameful shenanigans, has once again mounted an attack on this blog and its author, while disputing all the facts as proven against himself.

Many in the North of England well knew of Trevor Agnew and his past. As can be seen from this report from the North East with a picture of Agnew on the March (obtained by scrolling three-quarters of the way down the page), it would have been impossible for any UKIP activists in the region not to have known of Agnew's BNP associations. Head Office, in their defence, claimed they had a properly completed application form from Agnew with his correct address!! He received a membership card out of the blue!! His membership was found to be paid by Peter Troy. Click this to read the full Treasurer's Report (Now also in Landmark Links and under Treasurer).

Rodney Atkinson had already expelled Agnew from UKIP as a result of the above photograph having been brought to his attention. The subsequent Regional Chairman had also been alerted to another attempt by Agnew to rejoin UKIP and warned Head Office of his affiliations. It beggars all belief that Troy did not know of Agnew's past. Troy was solely concerned to crookedly bag votes for himself, in what he had perceived as an otherwise unequal competition. When uncovered the play-acting, then entered into by Troy and the two Party Secretaries, Clark and Harvey, all of which is detailed herein, was a farce.

Troy asks what motivates this blog and its author. I am convinced Britain needs to leave the EU and that is the sole motivation. On joining the party I found a tightly knit group at the top using UKIP as a cover for advancing their own ambitions and comforts; as a result of which the anti-EU cause in the country as a whole has been effectively neutralised. Peter Troy acts as a fixer or gofer to this group, which is presumably why he is tolerated. His dismissal might be an early indication that things are changing, but we suspect the following will first have to be removed:-

Roger Knapman, David Lott, Nigel Farage, Mike Nattrass, Derek Clark, Michael Harvey, and Graham Booth

Many in UKIP give their time and energies and often times money to the cause of restoring Britain's sovereignty. As a general rule of thumb those who give rather than take are the ones who might be best able to lead the party out of this quagmire. All those such as Regional Organisers receiving funds from the EU should be treated with the utmost distrust.

I am not prepared to debate Peter Troy, a proven liar, nor enter into personal disputations.

posted by Martin |9:05 AM
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