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Monday, September 22, 2003 

Party Sabotaged in Wales

On 29th March of this year Martin Cole circulated a series of questions to certain NEC members which he knows from later responses received further circulation. Questions 1 - 5 concerned BNP infiltration of the Party and are not immediately relevant here. Questions 6 - 10 are quoted below:-

6. David Lott in his recent e-mail of 28th March to me stated:-
'I have masses to do as we are in the critical few days before all the procedures and paperwork for hundreds of local election candidates and all those in the Scottish and Welsh campaigns have to completed. You will find out what that means next year and you will gain some sympathy for the incredible pressure under which some of us are working."

Why is the Party Chairman so concerned with such local matters, when the party supposedly dedicated to extricating us from the EU is on the point of a major split?

7. Why do we have a party leader ex-communicato by e-mail and unwilling to discuss by telephone?

8. Why was an appointed UKIP MEP, Graham Booth, allowed to make a maiden speech in the European Parliament, as reported in the last Independent New, that can only serve to make the party a laughing stock?

9. Why is Mike Nattrass planning to further support Peter Troy by attending a Sedgefield meeting organised by the latter for next week?

10. How was the policy to put up local councillors and assembly members arrived at and if improperly, is it now too late to withdraw their nominations?

About one week later the NEC met and were informed that costs were then estimated at GBP 53,500 not including costs for offices, local leaflets, printing costs and newsletter, ballot papers, direct letters to members and some carefully targeted newspaper advertising.
This was after having approved by vote at the March NEC meeting a budget of fifty thousand pounds.

The whole NEC thus appears culpable in the expensive waste of funds on a totally pointless and doomed exercise, (they can hardly say they were not warned after my e-mail above). Party members should demand to know details of the discussions that took place within the NEC and how the individual members voted. David Lott should be immediately suspended while a full and thorough investigation of exactly how the money was spent is carried out, preferably by the now re-instated Party Treasurer

posted by Martin |8:08 AM
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