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Thursday, September 11, 2003 

Party First

The dangerous tragedy that is UKIP was amply demonstrated at a meeting in the North East on last Tuesday evening 9th September. Party Leader Roger Knapman and Chairman David Lott ran a lacklustre event. The fact that this was on the very day that the Government had presented its White Paper on the proposed EU Constitution conceding its readiness to cede the nation's independence whilst refusing the people any say in their sacrifices clearly demonstrated the menace UKIP now represents to the anti-EU cause.

Subsequent questions by a committed party member and active participant in the Referendum04 campaign clearly confirmed that the UKIP senior leadership is solely concerned with further party growth and and the attainment of additional MEPs, thus confirming the party's seat reservations upon the EU gravy train and their own security of tenure. A few of the descriptive impressions of the attitude of these two individuals were 'no-hopers', 'weak', 'besotted with party building' and 'passionless'.

The battle for this country will now be fought over the coming months as the Blair administration is either destroyed or forced to concede that the EU Constitution is such a critical matter for the real independence of this country that the people must have their say.

A so-called UK Independence Party, rotten to the core and obsessed only with extra European Parliamentary seats in a future contest irrelevant to the real fight ahead must be quickly marginalised and ignored as the leadership's clear obsession only with the benefits of continued EU membership must deny it any trust.

posted by Martin |9:01 AM
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