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Wednesday, September 17, 2003 

Nattrass Nailed

Ahead of Saturday's critical meeting it is important to maintain the pressure on those members of the NEC who have supported the four ringleaders, Farage, Knapman, Lott and Clarke.

In reading the post immediately below this, we explored the thought processes of Graham Booth during his presumably formative poitical years. A charitable view of these would be to ignore any present day activities of such a man, yet by default he is an MEP for the SW of England and even more astoundingly the lead candidate for next year's MEP elections in that region. He also backs the Cabal.

Now Mike Nattrass, who as will be seen from the following, has his own skeletons in his cupboard, this time in his more recent political past, very much concerning UKIP and highly relevant to a divided NEC.

We can now reproduce this e-mail from Christina Speight to Mike Nattrass:-

Date: Mon, 01 May 2000 11:30:30 +0100
To: mike nattrass
Subject: Offlist - all of them! and Private

I have been mulling over the events of the last weeks since we all met in your offices in Birmingham. We all planned to do what we could to save UKIP from being taken over by the very people who had caused 6 months melt-down. We planned together to do all we could to get you, Rodney, Gordon, Chris, Derek Bennet, Hugh, and John Langham and others elected to the NEC and we succeeded up to the point of the above 6.

This produced a split NEC and immediately Farage moved in - in Hugh and John's absences - to eliminate Janet G. and to establish his control. At this point you effectively went back on all you had promised us in Birmingham and sided with the corrupt elements. Aided by their control they issued 600 more ballot papers for the leadership election than for the NEC one and ensured that wafer-thin 15 vote majority. You were previously swearing to haul at least 4 of your new pals on the NEC before the disciplinary committee .. now you accept UKIP's chairmanship at their hands. This seems to me me to be treacherous in the extreme especially to those who had backed you.

UKIP has fallen into evil hands by cynical manipulation of all sorts of processes and in particular ...
(a) the criminal - literally - misuse and purloining of our membership list and its use by non-members and by the extremist right;
(b) the infiltration of the party by new members from outside who were provided with lists of whom to barrack at the January meeting and who did even not know the branch from which they came; 6900 members in January but 7600 for the leader ... pull the other one!
(c) the failure to produce accounts;
(d) the invalid extension of NEC membership against the constitution;
(e) the purporting to be the NEC long after they were time-expired
(f) the use of a temporary majority on the NEC to challenge an elected member and then while that member was suspended to take over the whole communications 'portfolio' of the party without even notifying the party's Newsletter editor;
(g) the announcement of a candidate for Romsey who only joined the party from the Lib-Dems just in time to stand. (This candidate is still not as I understand- NEC approved and it seems doubtful if the local branch was consulted properly).
(h) the involvement of one the MEPs with a member of the BNP, aninvolvement recently repeated on TV and not challenged.

All of this - and your endorsement of it - seems to me to be out of character with the man I thought I knew. I cannot think when I last felt so betrayed. Hence the reason that some of us who act on moral principles have left. I cannot understand your position.

In sadness

We earlier stated that without Greg Lance-Watkins having been given the data base to circulate journalist's letters to the broad party electorate, UKIP would not be what it is today.

It seems from the above that Mike Nattrass had the chance to similarly influence the party's future, and had indeed apparently been elected for that purpose, but then spectaculalry changed sides to assist in the steady degradation of the party and its democratic credentials.

The creeping rot that has been allowed to spread since those events must now be halted and Mike Nattrass, seemingly having clearly been part of the corrupting process must clearly be among those to go.

posted by Martin |6:47 PM
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