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Tuesday, September 02, 2003 

Morris heading for Devon

According to this press report from Exeter, Dick Morris has not completely disappeared from the UKIP scene in spite of the recent silence from that quarter. Exeter's Express and Echo in an article titled Euro No Vote Battle Launch advises that UKIP will be launching its Euro election campaign in that City on St Crispin's day with all seven SW candidate MEPs, Conservative MP Teresa Gorman and (the ill-reputed) Dick Morris.

(Either UKIP, the newspaper or both seem unaware that Teresa Gorman is no longer an MP her one-time constituency Billericay now being represented by John Baron)

In the article is this very curious quote from Graham Booth, UKIP's Deputy Leader and Lead Candidate for the South West:-

" and SW Euro MEP (who) said he believed the election would be a turning point. He said a strong vote for his party could force the government to call a referendum on the proposed EU constitution or the euro."

If that is what UKIP are relying upon to avert the danger of having Giscard's Constitution forced upon us, then the country is indeed in the gravest possible peril!

Mr Booth concluded his prognostications with this even more remarkable forecast:-

"It could force the Labour Government to hold a referendum on the proposed EU constitution or even be regarded as a de facto referendum in its own right."

Click the link and read the report if you can't believe it!

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