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Sunday, September 28, 2003 

More Murky Money Matters

On 8th July we made a post regarding the recruitment of Dick Morris which concluded as follows:-

Neither sheer incompetence (one of our earliest theories) nor complete naivety could explain the recruitment of Dick Morris. The claim of a reduced fee also beggars belief, this man does not run on small change. Do not forget it was only a few weeks ago the Party Chairman advised that following the disastrous mismanagement of the Welsh regional assembly campaign, where the budget was reported as having been overspent by 300 per cent, there were insufficient funds to print leaflets arguing the case against VdGE's Constitution. Now we have apparently been able to hire the world's most expensive and degraded pollster.

We returned to the subject the next day with a long post Estimating the cost of Dick Morris which queries were apparently answered in a post on 11th July subsequently disputed by a statement from the UKIP Press Spokesman quoting Chairman David Lott on 14th July which stated the following:-

If you receive any queries from members about this matter you can reassure them that the figures mentioned are pure fiction. Furthermore, funding for Dick Morris's monthly expenses is coming direct from generous donors, not from members' subscriptions nor from the EDD/European Parliament.

Now no doubt we'll have the usual suspects casting doubt on the veracity of that statement above.

UKIP Uncovered has now learnt that the fee for the first visit of Dick Morris was $5000 equivalent to about three thousand pounds. A member of the NEC Mike Nattrass paid for this but apparently made a clear statement that it was not a donation and that he expected to be re-imbursed from Party Funds, thus making David Lott a liar in his statement through the press officer.

Why does UKIP think it sensible to continue with a Chairman who is so publicly prepared to dice with the truth.

posted by Martin |8:08 AM
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