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Saturday, September 13, 2003 

Looking Forward

The memorandum from the General Secretary of UKIP reproduced in full immediately beneath this post ends as follows:-

Otherwise it may fall to the branches, as it did in January 2000, to exercise their power at the forthcoming Annual Conference to restore the Party to a constitutional and financially secure state.

Moves are afoot to not leave such critical matters outstanding for so long and it is reported an Emergency General Meeting is trying to be convened for next Saturday at the University of Westminster. This will therefore be an extremely critical week for all concerned at the encroachments of the EU!

There are many major questions and we will be posting those that occur to us. We will be happy to post your comments or suggestions as they are received by e-mail.

UKIP Uncovered being a valuable resource as to what has gone so severely amiss with the party can now be used as a site available to all to exchange their ideas as to the best way forward.

We will endeavour to install a comments facility on the blog during the course of the weekend.

We will also be ready to post contributions and comments from other e-mail discussion groups as they are provided to us.

Big Question Number One. Is UKIP worth salvaging or would a new start be preferable? (Details of its future and anticipated present financial liabilities and obligations are required to form a view)

Our e-mail address is

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