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Thursday, September 25, 2003 

Legal Liabilities

We have received the following clarification from Edward Spalton on individual UKIP membership liabilities in the event of a complete financial collapse of the party:-

When I last took advice on this some years ago, it was said that recourse for liabilities was normally only made to responsible officers and those who knew or should have known about any insolvency. Ordinary members without special knowledge of the running of such an association or party were not, in general, held to have personal unlimited liability. Each case depends on the circumstances. So I may have unduly alarmed UKIP members and apologise for it.

Our comment regarding the worries for Branch Chairmen who heard the re-instated Treasurer speak last Saturday still seems to hold true however.

The only financially secure way to be a UKIP member these days would thus seem to be to maintain a state of total ignorance regarding the Party and its activities, which come to think of it must be the sole reason why any still stay as even the quickest look beneath the surface will reveal at least part of the awful reality.

We join Mr Spalton in apologising for any undue alarm caused by our earlier report.

posted by Martin |1:55 PM
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