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Friday, September 26, 2003 


An interesting aspect of the crisis facing UKIP is the fact that at no stage has it been centred around the policies, speeches or actions of the Party Leader. To refresh memories, the supposed man at the head of the party is Roger Knapman. All know the true force within is Nigel Farage and the ludicrous manner in which Knapman was appointed rather than elected was the first clear signal of his poodle role.

Other parties transiting periods of change would tend to have events polarised around the leader and one perceived contender. Not UKIP. As for everything within the party all centres around the somewhat diminutive figure and clearly flawed personality of its MEP for South East England.

Signs that all is not completely calm at the top, however, emerged during the Brent East campaign trail where Knapman is reported to have made an appearance. Not only was he to be seen. Accounts reaching us indicate that evidence of thought and even emotion were on display in that the leader was reportedly incandescent with rage about recent goings on.

Strangely enough, the targets for his fury was not the aforesaid Nigel Farage and his close associations with Greg Lance-Watkins, which was my first guess, nor indeed Nigel Farage for manipulating the telesales campaign, breaking the constitution and party rules over candidate selection, maintaining the disgraced Peter Troy and Committee suspensions, or any of the other activities in which Farage regularly indulges. Nor was it David Lott, the Party Chairman, fresh from confessing his huge unauthorised overspend in Wales and Scotland for the price of a Lord Mayor's book signing. Nor was it the idiot who hired Dick Morris or the ridiculous Press Officer with his ludicrous and conflicting statements. No, it was none of those many, many matters listed and detailed in this blog, all of which serve to make the party appear both rotten, ridiculous and unelectable.

His anger was predictably enough directed instead against those on the NEC who have recently taken to voting against the wishes of the ruling cabal thus preventing them from continuing to have their misguided way. Or as Nigel Farage is quoted as saying at last Saturday's meeting in the Statement posted below: Paralysing the Party

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