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Saturday, September 20, 2003 

Kangaroo Court Returns

After the circulation of the legal letter reproduced below, that successfully resulted in the re-instatement of Party Treasurer John de Roeck, the Cabal sought for ways to strike back at their tormentors and re-activated the totally disgraced Disciplinary Panel, according to this edited report just received.

Following the meeting at which they were forced to climb down over JdeR; Farage, Lott & Clark then made the decision - all on their own - to resurrect long dead disciplinary charges against Damian Hockney! Clearly as a knee jerk result to his providing the legal support to JdeR! Pathetic or what???

And guess what, yes, GLW knew of this possibility days ago! Which of the 3 told him???

Yesterday, Damian received official notice of a disciplinary complaint from Derek Clark!

In many ways the issue isn't whether Damian did or didn't beak some obscure rule. The issue is that with the Party nye on bankrupt, with a emergency Chairman's meeting called for today, what do the Cabal do, why, they embark on yet another divisive destructive journey!

Damian has on more than one occasion protected the party from the gross stupidity of these people. So they attack him - not surprising though given their track record - not to protect the Party but to protect their own backsides! Pathetic!

Honestly you couldn't make it up!

posted by Martin |4:38 PM
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