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Tuesday, September 23, 2003 

GLW - Apology?

GLW is insisting he has received an apology, which has again been misrepresented on an internet forum. Here follows yet another explanation:-

GLW has claimed that he was misquoted by Daniel Foggo in the article 'Eurosceptic hails Lindh murder', and that the Sunday Telegraph has apologised for this.
The facts are:

The article quoted accurately from two emails, 'A Patriot In Sweden' on 10 September, and 'patriots in Britain too - well done the Patriot in Sweden!' on 13 September. GLW is now claiming that he was quoted "out of context" and "so grossly mis quoted".

What he means is that when his first message (and also the first on the 'well done' thread) appeared, Ms Lindh was in a critical condition in hospital, but still alive. It was expressing approval of her assailant having attacked and stabbed her, not as it then was of having murdered her. On the day the article appeared, 14 September, he admitted: "My words in the S. Telegraph were NOT miss quoted".

Re the 'apology' there were several emails protesting at GLW's views as quoted in the article, and he copied his response to one of these to Daniel Foggo. DF replied in a private email, but posted from the Telegraph Group office, explaining that the article as originally written was longer, and quoted also from a third GLW email (in addition to the two already mentioned) including a statement possibly intended to suggest that he does not advocate violence. The piece was cut for space reasons and this last quote omitted, which DF regretted because he felt it helped balance the piece. He therefore offered his personal apologies for that.

GLW is now claiming that this constitutes an apology from The Sunday Telegraph itself, which clearly is not the case.

posted by Martin |4:11 PM
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