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Wednesday, September 24, 2003 

Fixing Farage

Frantic activities have been underway to salvage the reputation of Nigel Farage MEP; witness the brouhaha surrounding the non-existent apology from the Sunday Telegraph to Greg Lance-Watkins.

Such an exercise is necessary, as all with even the slightest knowledge of how the party has been run, know that these two individuals operate in the closest of tandem. What community of interest brought them together can only be guessed at, but the clear fact that it continues and apparently cannot be easily severed must now be clear to all.

A similar bond seems to exist with the political trickster, Peter Troy. Even during the recent scandals he reportedly informed a Northern journalist that he would be UKIP's candidate against Tony Blair in Sedgefield at the next General Election. Similar queries arise regarding his recent trip to Estonia; what could such a person possibly achieve in that country and who paid for the trip and WHY?. He was known by then across the party as a charlatan.

It could of course well be that both these stories are products of Troy's imagination. We have learnt to place zero reliance on anything Troy says, but some facts are clear. He still maintains his party position, he was put forward as a candidate MEP for Scotland even when the facts of his misdemeanours in the North East had been fully exposed and he was touted as a speaker at the Greg Lance-Watkin's weekend at 'The Huntsman' in Chepstow in October, as was Richard North, another one time member of the tight little group of conspirators that for years has clustered around Farage.

The leaking of the full report by the Party Treasurer which clearly showed Troy's guilt, in spite of his repeated protestations of innocence across various internet fora for weeks before thus finally forcing its publication, was revealed only three days before the abortive attempt to fire the Treasurer. The report itself was dated 30th May 2003. Was it purely co-incidence the ridiculous cabal tried to backdate the Treasurer's dismissal to 24th May, 2003. Could they have been so stupid as to believe that earlier dismissal of their Treasurer would invalidate his findings. It is hard to believe such stupidity could be at work, but it would be a piece with certain other recent relevations, not least the expensive fantasy of a UKIP sweep in Wales.

In any event enough is known about both Peter Troy and Greg Lance-Watkins that any close associate to two such men should have had no part in any leadership role of any supposedly respectable political party. Not just now, that is why the emphasis on the 'Sunday Telegraph' article is so wide of the mark, but year after year throughout Farage's years as an MEP. The evidence against the probity of these three men, Farage, Lance-Watkins and Troy is extensive, detailed and longstanding. Farage must go, the evidence is overpowering the other dross must follow.

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posted by Martin |7:54 AM
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