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Thursday, September 18, 2003 

Defending the Indefensible

This Post was edited 19th September 2003 2000GMT to remove the name of an individual who routed these quotes from another list.

Incredible as it may seem there are some within UKIP seeking to defend the words of Greg Lance-Watkins as reported in the National Press and on this blog.

This may be a last ditch attempt to lend some credibility to the now fully exposed activities of Nigel Farage in which case those now going public are displaying their own true qualities.

This example is from Simon Muir UKIP Branch Chairman for Bristol and another UKIP member Richard Buttrey. We listed the former as a possible supporter of G.L-W on 14th September and placed a request for further details on new-ind-uk on Tuesday. The jury was still out until this morning when he made this absolutely astounding statement:-

From: simonm
Date: Wed Sep 17, 2003 8:46:49 PM Europe/London
Greg Lance-Watkins in his own words...

In article Richard Buttrey writes (Full quotation follows ed.)

Two points: firstly this is an opportunity for us. I do "not" advocate outright condemnation of GLW's comments - no need to volunteer comments, that is. If the matter is raised, then it's up to us to seize the moment - UKIP stands for democratic accountability. GLW is expressing a significantly more extreme view, but one that has resonance in the country. If the press and politicians refuse to take UKIP seriously, as with the issue of race relations and the BNP, there are worse things lurking in the shadows. They should take heed. Second point: Greg is burying his father tomorrow morning (a brave man - Spitfire pilot among other accomplishments - watch for an obit in the Telegraph). If there was a lack of finesse at the weekend, it's probably understandable.

The above was in response to this from Richard Buttrey:-

Greg is not a fool and AFAIAA has been pretty savvy in the past about the effect of words. Which makes his recent emails to Daniel Foggo even more surprising. Let's hope it was a one off lapse because he really should have know better.

Ultimately all that matters is how we are perceived. We might have the most cast iron case around, but if the great British public see it as the work of a lunatic fringe, all eurosceptics will be tainted.

Muir and Buttrey are either falling on their swords to try and bolster Farage, or both have lost all touch with what is and is not decent but also such simple parameters as the 'reasonable' or 'excusable'.

These items to the attention of the new-ind- uk forum copied from another list which attracted this excellent response from Edward Spalton, with which remarks we would wish to associate this blog:-

At 11:04 18/09/2003 +0100, you wrote:
Surely, Robert, no-one of any claim to political seriousness would have anything at all to do with Greg Lance Watkins. He is a serial perpetrator of "one-off lapses", most of which have been damaging to the EUsceptic movement. I am astonished that messrs Muir & Buttrey should circulate views to the contrary.

I would also query the morality behind the statement "Ultimately all that matters is how we are perceived" - That's the Blairite heresy! Surely reality and substance have to creep in at some point.

As for UKIP ""standing for democratic accountability -well, probably they are fit companions for GLW after all!

Andrew Edwards offered this additional piece of information:-

Hi, one has to remember that, Simon Muir, Chairman of UKIP Bristol,who's comments Robert has brought to our attention, is quite close to GLW. In fact Gregs' partner/wife is an ' associate' member of Muirs' Bristol Branch!

Muir and Buttrey, how many ordinary UKIP members now wish to remain in a party with their likes alongside?

posted by Martin |4:52 PM
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