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Thursday, September 25, 2003 

Danger! to Personal Wealth

The following contribution to new-ind-uk was made by Edward Spalton yesterday:-

Given the unsatisfactory state of UKIP's accounts, anyone taking office on the NEC might face personal indebtedness for liabilities incurred by the party. In theory this could be true for every member too. No doubt money will be produced from somewhere as long as UKIP remains a vehicle for careers. But if the EU funds for those careers end and the careerists depart, others will be left to face the music.

Interestingly enough the Regional Assemblies have been organising themselves as private limited companies to avoid the possibility of members becoming personally liable for any debts or liabilities incurred by each Assembly.

A recent calculation of the party's then lower salary bill some two or three years ago showed outgoings above a quarter of a million pounds a year. Questions as to the origin of these funds to the Press Officer and others elicited no clarification. With present debts apparently of huge and growing proportions, some disputed and uncovered and a telesales operation now running at a loss, the wisest member of this year's NEC looks like being Lesley Brown who resigned in the Spring.

How will the redundancies and other wind up costs of the party be met following the now practical certainty of electoral slaughter next June? What if the EDD goes simultaneously?

Will the battle to avoid being the first to resign from the NEC thus handing the voting majority to one's opponents suddenly become a bolt for the door as the full personal financial implications of recent mismanagement sinks in.

Ordinary members might also look to their own positions on noticing Mr Spalton's suggestion:-

"In theory this could be true for every member too." I bet there are a few Branch Chairmen who were at Saturday's meeting unaware of that potential liability when they blithely voted to continue things as they are until after next June.

posted by Martin |7:29 AM
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