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Tuesday, September 23, 2003 

Chicken**** Chairmen

As the Cabal had no doubt hoped the re-instatement of the Party Treasurer served to remove a lot of the point and certainly most of the heat from Saturday's meeting of the UKIP Branch Chairmen. An estimated sixty people attended. (Including Farage's direct employee, Stephen Harris, South East RO, and other paid officials!) Certainly some who had earlier planned to attend from branches far flung from the capital eventually decided not to attend, making the assembly less than truly representative. The re-instated Treasurer gave a well received presentation while Nigel Farage gave a low key talk which was 'politely' received, but he left before any questions could be put.

There was apparently some recognition that problems did exist within the party, but that it were best nothing be done to investigate or rectify these until after the European Parliamentary elections next June. A suggestion that a proposal for an EGM be put to the vote was apparently 'howled down'.

Thus the party that likes to consider itself the main anti-EU voice in the country, facing what an NEC member described to us last week as a huge financial crisis, and a complete leadership deficit, has a group of Branch Chairmen totally unprepared to act to rectify matters, but prefer to sit things out. This too with the timetable for the IGC on the constitution announced this morning, at a time when the European Union is poised to finally purloin the remaining sovereignty of our nation.

Now UKIP can now be viewed in all its true colours. Not just run by a small group of duplicitous, spendthrift, and devious individuals pursuing their own ends for their own personal gains. Even its secondary tier of volunteer management are prepared to put the party image before the good of their country or the benefit of the cause to which they claim to belong.

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