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Sunday, September 21, 2003 

Chairman Spend a Lott!

Further highly pertinent questions are being raised following Chairman Lott's innocent plea regarding the vast overspend over the already absurdly high budgeted figures for the May Regional Assembly and local council elections. Some highlights raised on an internet discussion group this afternoon:-

I see there were disputed claims of over £12,000 in the Scottish campaign, as well as a similar amount in Wales. Was that another printing error?

And if Scotland was a paper exercise where costs were kept to a minimum, how did UKIP manage to spend £8,000 more on leaflets than the Green Party?

Also in Wales, given that UKIP wasn't awash with money, wouldn't a spend of over £2,000 more on leaflets than Plaid Cymru, and £25,597 on advertising (more than four times as much as the Conservatives) seem a little excessive?

And why, if £15,000 was spent on party political broadcasts, did UKIP tell the Electoral Commission they cost only £6,161.63?

posted by Martin |5:34 PM
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