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Saturday, September 20, 2003 

Chairman Lott's Election Expenses

A quite extraordinary document now circulating the world wide web has come our way which purports to be an explanation from UKIP Party Chairman and Scottish, Welsh and Local Elections Campaign Organiser May 2003 (as he grandly styles himself) seeking to justify election expense overruns of at least one hundred per cent from fifty thousand to one hundred and seven thousand five hundred pounds on even the most charitable view of the figures given.

The results for all this expenditure in Wales and Scotland were of course absolutely zero for UKIP but Party Chairman Lott seeks to justify it all with this astounding statement:-

The results in Wales were very good particularly if compared with by- election results. The success in Swansea led directly to the Party Leader and myself being invited to meet the Lord Mayor of Swansea and to sign the visitors book with an official photographer on hand. What was memorable was his coded message to us saying that he as Leader of the Labour controlled council would prefer to see UKIP become the official opposition replacing the Lib Dems. He cited us as a growing Party.

Chairman Lott was obviously anxious to get his side of the story out before today's Branch Chairman's meeting. If it carries a message looking ahead to any EGM it must surely be that Lott has be the among the first to go! One hundred grand plus to sign a Swansea City vistor's book! Even with 'an official photographer' on hand who can say this is anything other than Totally Outrageous!

posted by Martin |5:34 PM
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