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Tuesday, September 16, 2003 

Brent East By-election

Some UKIP members unconcerned about the implications of Farage's friendship and very close involvement with the disgraced Greg Lance-Watkins have suggested that no press release need be issued by UKIP as the party was not mentioned in the Sunday Telegraph. They recommend instead that good UKIP party members should be concentrating their efforts on the Brent East by-election.

We have received indications that UKIP's candidate in that electoral contest, Brian Hall, is himself a great supporter of Nigel Farage and has been used in the past in furthering this individual's machinations and that his politics lie well to the right of the mainstream of the party!

How did he come to be selected we wonder?

What appears to be proof positive of Farage's extremely close links to G.L-W and the latter's powerful role within the party's political manoueverings has now come into our possession and we are merely waiting the approval of the innocent named individuals within before proceeding with posting. Watch this blog!

posted by Martin |8:30 AM
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