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Sunday, September 21, 2003 

Branch Chairman's Meeting

Preliminary reports arriving from the Branch Chairman's meeting indicate that, as we feared, little was achieved. The consensus was to do nothing and wait until after the Euros. The Branch Chairman have missed what should have been a great opportunity for reform. UKIP remains like a silent movie heroine, tied to the railway tracks by the villainous cabal, as the Eurostar TGV hurtles ever closer. A fuller report of this lost opportunity will be
posted in due course.

Among party members on the ground, however there are few such remaining illusions regarding the gravity of UKIP's true situation. Witness the evidence provided by this extract from a posting on one internet list yesterday evening:_

Nigel Farage M.E.P.'s domination of the United Kingdom Independece Party has led us to...UKIP achieving 140 votes in the Brert East by-election. Just four years ago, I spent two full days leafletting like mad in Wigan, hardly promising UKIP territory. UKIP got 800 votes there, over 5% of the vote, saving our deposit. Now we are down to 0.6%. That meant that 1 in 140 of those who voted in Brent East voted for UKIP. If you count those *eligible* to vote, it's about 1 in 400.

posted by Martin |6:08 AM
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