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Wednesday, September 17, 2003 

Attempts to Block Saturday's Meeting

This is the latest internal e-mail to be circulated from SW stalwart Andy Edwards :-

Hi, everyone. If any of you had doubts about the meeting being organised by Tim Parker, forget them! This is clearly a very important event. How do I know? Simple! Supporters of the Cabal that ambushed the last NEC meeting, the one where J de R was sacked ( David Lott has been forced to down reinstate him - humiliating or what!), have been busily attempting to stop this meeting taking place. Notable amongst those attempting to stop this meeting have been, Graham Booth & Tony Stone. But why are they so willing to act as front men for the puppeteers [Farage, Knapman, Clark, and, Lott] skulking in the background as usual???

Pressure has been brought to bear on the Organisers, who have been castigated as 'wreckers' to cancel the meeting. I've recently learnt that Party Vice Chairman, Damian Hockney, has also been pressurised, to try and get him to help stop the meeting. I'm confident the pressure won't work though as he's far too principled, unlike certain others! I trust that any Branch Chairman reading this will likewise be principled enough to resist pressures on them not to attend. If you can't make it, at least make sure your voice is counted by contacting Tim Parker, [or appoint a proxy to pass on your wishes, especially in relation to any vote that might take place] before this coming Saturday!

Smears against those seeking to arrange this meeting, and against those who, support it/ won't help to stop it, have begun to circulate. Please treat such smears with the contempt they deserve.

After an example of such smear tactics, Andy ends: Ladies and gentlemen it's our Party, its time to take it back!

posted by Martin |11:16 AM
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