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Thursday, September 18, 2003 

Archives Return

We are extremely happy to announce that our archives have now been restored to full working order. Thanks a million Steve at Blogger! We cannot say too much for these people!

To further make reader's access to the iniquitous goings on within UKIP in recent years and now more importantly over the past few weeks, we are rearranging our side-bar boxes to make even more facts quickly available on your subject of choice with one quick click. The first of these 'Chairmen Meet' has the various posts regarding Saturday's meeting called by Tim Parker. Others to follow will include the Treasurers Dismissal and Re-instatement, the Greg Lance-Watkin's situation, a Mike Nattrass and Mark Croucher Box and additions/amendments to all the older ones. Monthly archive files can again be accessed.

Regular updates of events as they unfold will also be provided as the news comes in. E-mails with suggestions or any further inside information are always welcomed.

Whatever the intentions The effect of UKIP in the recent past has been to confuse and render less effective the anti-EU cause within Britain. As this is the direct opposite of the aims of its membership then regrettably as corrupted and broke as UKIP is it cannot now be allowed to survive.

Money or energies devoted to the drastic surgery and long term convalescence it would require will never restore it to become a fighting force. Such funds and efforts of the volunteers on which it depends would be far better spent elsewhere. One alternative was suggested HERE yesterday. Others of course do exist.

posted by Martin |8:09 AM
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