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Friday, September 19, 2003 

Another Butchers at Brent

Who beat the UKIP candidate:-

1. Sarah Teather (Lib Dem) 8,158

2. Robert Evans (Labour) 7,040

3. Uma Fernandes (Conservative) 3,368

4. Noel Lynch (Green)638

5. Brian Butterworth(Socialist Alliance)361

6. Fawzi Ibrahim (Public Services Not War) 219

7. Winston McKenzie (Black Voice for Great Britain) 197

8. Kelly McBride (The Justice for Peter McBride Campaign) 189

9. Harold Immanuel (Independent) 188

10. Brian Hall (UK Independence)140

and finally the heroic few that did even worse than Hall and UKIP actually beat:-

11. Iris Cremer (Socialist Labour) 111

12. Neil Walsh (Independent) 101

13. Aaron Barschak (Independent) 37

14. Jiten Bardwaj (Yogi and Meditation) 35

15. Alan ‘Howling Laud’ Hope (Monster Raving Loony) 59

16. Rainbow George Weiss ( 11

For a party that its Chairman, admittedly not noted for his analytical ability, is fond of trumpeting as the fourth largest in the country, could this be a wake-up call.

Good Luck tomorrow to the UKIP Branch Chairmen and Women faced with such horrendous problems! If only there were some at the top capable of heeding good advice (see post below).

posted by Martin |8:49 PM
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