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Tuesday, August 26, 2003 

Yorkshire's Reply

Michael Cassidy replies to Dr North as follows:-

Re: Blogspot 'Yorkshire MEP Candidate Interviews'

Richard North was offered several dates for an interview, all of which he alleged were inconvenient for him. The choice of location for an interview was Wakefield city centre and this was very easily accessible by public transport. He did complain that 'getting places could prove very difficult and time-consuming'.

It is true that Richard North contested the need for an interview: 'In this case the purpose of the regional interviews is to trim down the list to manageable proportions'. Our stance was that interviews were not subject to a candidate's approval, the rules set out that there would be regional interviews, the other regions had regional interviews, common sense dictated that there should be regional interviews, and we had every reason to believe that Richard North's hostility to the Yorkshire regional activists was so extreme that an interview was most definitely necessary. This is without taking into account the persistent reports that he was in contact with the Conservative Party.

Richard North's defection to the Conservative Party merely confirms that the Yorkshire Regional Committee were right in insisting on interviewing potential MEP candidates. It is far better that Richard North defected now than after he had been elected as a UKIP MEP.

Michael Cassidy
Yorkshire Regional Committee

posted by Martin |6:33 AM
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