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Monday, August 25, 2003 

Yorkshire MEP Candidate Interviews

We have received the following from Dr Richard North regarding our earlier post from Michael Cassidy

Regarding Mr Cassidy's "post" asserting that I "refused to be interviewed" by the Yorkshire committee for selection to the MAP list, to my certain recollection, I was asked to present myself for an interview by Mrs Longman (by e-mail) at very short notice, days before I was due to go to Strasbourg and therefore very busy preparing, and at a time when my car was in the garage for repairs.

I advised Mrs Longman of the position (again by e-mail), pointing out that her choice of location for the interview was very difficult to access by public transport, and asking her to clarify whether, in fact, an interview was strictly necessary in view of the number of MEP applicants I understood there to be.

To this e-mail, I did not receive a response and the next communication was from Mrs Longman telling me that I had not been selected for the Yorkshire list. Therefore, I did not refuse to be interviewed and was in fact rejected without an interview.

I hope this clarifies the matter and if Mr Cassidy believes the facts to be otherwise, he might care to furnish the evidence, as all my communications with the region were by e-mail.

Richard North

posted by Martin |9:20 PM
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