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Sunday, August 17, 2003 

Who told Tebbit?

Following on from yesterday’s post regarding Norman Tebbit’s writings about possible infiltration of UKIP by intelligence agencies, the following quotes from a newspaper clipping might provide a clue as to where such reports might have begun.

The apparent cause of The Spectator article was a conversation Tebbit had with a disgruntled former paid employee of UKIP according to the reports.

Unlike today, when paid UKIP (or EDD) employees have appeared in almost every corner of the country, disgruntled one-time party employees were I assume few and far between at the time of the last General Election. Even fewer would be those who would be likely to have the ear of Lord Tebbit. One such and therefore a possibility as the source was noted in the Peterborough column of The Daily Telegraph, where after a disparaging opening paragraph Just one year after garnering three seats in the European Parliament elections, the UK Independence Party looks in serious danger of disintegration it was reported that former Labour press chief, Chris Jones had left as the party had been unable to pay his wages or equip his office.

“It is difficult to tell whether this is incompetence or deliberate on UKIP’s part” Jones says. “ Not bothering to pay people may be normal behaviour in their lunatic world, but there is a wife and two kids in mine and this is just not OK.

“There are a lot of suspicions that prominent people in the party are not what they seem to be.”

I have been unable to determine a date when that item was first published, but it would appear to have been in the second half of the year 2000 so could tie in with the later media reports. We do accept that this is the purest speculation and could be well wide of the mark in assuming any connection between Chris Jones and the Tebbit accusations. It would be interesting to be able to pose the question however!

The last quote from the Peterbrough column, this time, the source identified only as a veteran Euro-sceptic “They hate each other, don’t have any money and don’t understand politics. UKIP isn’t long for this world.”

Wide of the mark? Perhaps. But, in the view of many, only really wildly wrong about the money.

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