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Saturday, August 16, 2003 

UKIP and the Secret Services?

Look at UKIP in any kind of depth at all, and it becomes clear why, when Norman Tebbit wrote that the party could be infiltrated by the secret services, the general attitude of many in the party was reportedly not one of complete surprise. In a report 'Tebbit secret agent claim', the following is quoted by the BBC:-

Lord Tebbit told the BBC: "A chap came to me and said the UK Independence Party has been infiltrated by the British intelligence services and then he gave me two names of people.

"From various ways I came to the conclusion that I was absolutely and completely certain that these people, although they had left the service and the Foreign Office some years earlier, in fact had been intelligence agents."

Lord Tebbit said he had contacted one of the men who had denied the allegation when it was put to him.

Tony Stone present UKIP NEC member quoted in an election article in the Daily Telegraph at the time said "Politics is a dirty game and anything is possible" .

The original article by Lord Tebbit appeared in The Spectator where interestingly enough the Cover Story of this week's edition returns to the same theme, How Labour has subverted British Intelligence which would seem to add more credibility to the suspicions voiced by Norman Tebbit, in my view one of the more astute politicians of recent years.

Up to this point I have tended to find somewhat unbelievable the idea that it could be members of Britain's MI6 that were directing the apparently incompetent activities of the UKIP leadership in order to undermine the euro-realist movement. The article in the Spectator adds some extra credence to the theory but not yet sufficient to convince me.

It would be interesting to know the identities of the two men Tebbit implies were involved. Up to this point I had understood one of the supposed infiltrators was a woman. Information anybody please?

posted by Martin |9:40 AM
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