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Friday, August 22, 2003 

Teignbridge 2001

We have received the following reply to the query we raised with Viscount Exmouth, UKIP's candidate for the Teignbridge constituency in the last General Election.

'In reply to your query, perhaps I should point out that candidates stand for election representing the views of their chosen party and should not be influenced by those of specific individuals.

In June 2001 I stood for the UK Independence Party, in the Teignbridge Constituency, which opposed the Tory doctrine of never withdrawing from the European Union. In so doing I challenged my good friend Tory Eurocseptic Patrick Nicholls, not because of his personal political views but because of his parties stance on Europe, which requires no further explanation.

It is worth noting, I suggested to the leadership that I withdraw giving Patrick Nicholls a better chance and thus obtaining much PR for the Party. The suggestion was rejected.'

The full post on this topic dated 18th August 2003 can be found by scrolling down or
by clicking here.

posted by Martin |7:55 AM
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