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Monday, August 25, 2003 

The Sales Drive continues

While UKIP's EDD consultant departs for the Tories amidst some acrimony, its two longest-standing MEPs face growing questions over their role in trying to extract large sums of monies from their political opponents by agreeing not to run candidates against them, huge questions remain over far-right infiltration of the party at its highest levels and resultant widescale cover-ups, unanswered accusations of internal electoral malpractise with guilty parties allowed to continue in their party posts, rigged disciplinary hearings and non-hearings, suspended volunteer committees and goodness knows what next........

Amidst all this, the party telephone membership sales campaign continues!

Isn't there some kind of restriction on misrepresentation of products being sold over the telephone in the UK? I always thought there was. How are they really selling UKIP, you can bet your life its not the real product displayed on these pages! Here is a clue from one missed sale, posted this afternoon on an internet e-mail discussion forum.

This afternoon a very pleasant young chap, who said his name was George, phoned me up to tell me that I had expressed an interest in UKIP and to ask me if I would like to join. I gave him a very condensed resmume of the reasons why I had left. He then asked me if I would like to give a donation!

With the hundreds of thousands of pounds of salaries, paid to UKIP from the EU, it should have been possible to give this recruiter a properly classified list of prospects.

I mention this because one local UKIP office holder phoned me up to ask if the rumour was correct that I was rejoining UKIP. Much as I respect the local volunteers of UKIP (who are the salt of the earth), what I know about the leadership from three years ago and from right up to date on persuade me differently.

Pity we haven't a greater readership among the public at large. Every genuinely concerned voter conned into joining UKIP is one less likely recruit for any political party genuinely concerned about the encroachments of the EU upon our democracy. Those who know the facts should be pushing for resolution of this ongoing fiasco. Especially those with the power and responsibility to act, namely, the members of the NEC!

posted by Martin |8:30 PM
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