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Saturday, August 09, 2003 

Quo Vadis

The following is a post recently contributed to an internet e-mail discussion group, that we felt should be given the widest possible circulation.

It was contributed by Nick Martinek, an active UKIP member from Yorkshire:-

"There are so many people in UKIP who have a vested interest in maintaining our EU connections. The MEPs', Regional Officers,
Political Assistants, the National Press Officer, etc etc. All of these get their living via the EDD. Is it not time to eject all EU fellow travellers from the eurosceptic movement???"

In Mark Croucher's Press bulletin for the 7th, David Lott wrote:-
"The donor has agreed to provide every new branch that is formed with £100 start up money and 20 Shockwave videos free of charge."

"The application in each region for this benefit will be made to the Regional Agent and the regional agent alone and no one else. It is the responsibility of the RA to ensure the bona fides of the application and that a branch really has been formed."

Money and power go together. My comment is not about the generous, anonymous donor but about David Lott channelling the donation via the (paid) Regional Agent. Why not via the democratically elected Regional Committees? Or is David Lott furthering Richard North's "campaigning organisation on similar(to an army) - some might say 'dictatorial' lines"?

Isn't this how the promoters of a United States of Europe have bulldozed their "progress" in the EU - a dictatorial approach that has over-ridden what ordinary european people actually would democratically approve?

Unfortunately it seems that UKIP is splitting into two camps. One faction is characterised by the "Those who break discipline have to be removed.", "dictatorial" and "civil war if we don't leave" approach favoured by RN, PT & GLW, that even a 14 year old boy can see is more looney than the Monster Raving variety. The other group (I hope it is not just me) holds, as a lifeline in an imperfect world, that truth, honour and democracy are more important than UKIP.

If anyone doubts the efficacy of the latter I suggest they read C. S.Lewis's 'First and Second Things'.


Well said! We on UKIP uncovered wish to associate ourselves absolutely firmly and clearly in the second of the groups mentioned by Mr Martinek!

posted by Martin |9:24 PM
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