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Sunday, August 10, 2003 

Quo Vadis continued

We post a follow on to the post by Nick Martinek with this from Barbara Booker, which appeared on the same forum and also addresses the crucial decisions regarding the corrupting influence of money, with which the UKIP is now faced:-


It's a guess that may be well wide of the mark, but one explanation could be (for Lott's offer of cash for new branches ed.) that this is MEPs'/EDD money being used to help David Lott fulful his constitutional responsibility as party chairman (12.3) of "ensuring that there is an active and properly constituted association of the Party in every constituency". There are two pointers to this:

1) the use of the term 'Regional Agent', which is unknown in UKIP (they have always been Regional Organisers), whereas I understand the European parliament already uses the term 'agent' in connection with the
paying of MEPs' secretarial allowances.

2) the insistence on application being made "to the Regional Agent and the regional agent alone and no one else", has to me the ring of the EP about it. As Nick says, the obvious channel for this money would be the regional committee which would have a wider knowledge of the branch situation than a RO, and unless the money originates from the EP it wouldn't really matter who the application was made to. If received by the regional committee or NEC they would simply pass it to the RO, or whoever had been designated to deal with it. The EP on the other hand is terribly pernickety about who handles the funds it provides, and an isistence on application being made only to an EP employee would be totally in keeping.

I imagine most members would take the view that it's quite clever to get the EU to pay start-up costs of new UKIP branches (although whether these would in fact be EDD rather than UKIP branches is an interesting point), but anyone who has scruples, or can see what ammunition this would give the press and other parties in the run up to the Euros should read any application forms carefully. If there is EP financial involvement, acknowledgement will certainly be paid to this. With luck, there might even be an EDD logo and the ring of stars as well.

Maybe we are reaching an answer to the question raised in our blog's title 'What Motivates the Leaders of UKIP'..... maybe it is just money Well if it be so....Shame on them!

posted by Martin |9:58 PM
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