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Sunday, August 24, 2003 

More history of Nigel Farage MEP

We have received the following from Christina Speight Editor of EU Facts, Figures and Phantasies


Richard North in his resignation has made it quite clear that Nigel Farage was more responsible than anyone. To show that I am not being wise after the event these are two comments I made at the time that the cabal hi-jacked the party


Open Letter to Nigel Farage 26/1/00

"The rest of the Holmes camp can go hang - but the movement needs you"

This must be quite the nastiest accolade I have ever received and after what I said to you in my letter of 30 December unbelievably crass. The idea of 'Loyalty' is clearly a concept alien to you. I have never been in any "Holmes camp". I have throughout fought for the rights of the members to be in control of the party. The fact that that stance has led me to support
Michael Holmes is purely because you and the Nine have tried to take the members rights away while Michael Holmes supported them.

You possibly could not hear what I said about you last Saturday through the noise of your rentamob so I repeat it here...(it may not be exact but this is the gist):

One of Michael's main detractors is Nigel Farage, the party chairman, whom Michael himself appointed and who in front of the AGM publicly and emotionally declared that he would agree to be chairman saying "If Michael will have me, I will back him" But , without having first had the decency to resign as chairman, he has launched a public attack on his own Leader. How dishonourable can you get? This man also told one of the members, here today, that "of course we all know that (so-and-so from the NEC) was in weekly contact with Alan Sked. He also told another member that only 500 people in the party matter; the rest don't count! This same chairman has consistently sat on the fence and seriously delayed the settlement of all these troubles by devious tactics and thus caused the matter to drag on. The chairman may be an excellent speaker but after this, it is hard to trust his judgment or indeed trust the man himself.

It is not enough to have a big voice and a quick wit. You also need brain to go with it and some integrity. All this business of the quotes (by one reporter who copied it to PA) seem to me to be regrettable - if true -(I may check with Bill later) but utter nit-picking compared with the enormity of what you've done - your indiscretions (see the quote from my speech); your ability to make a cock-up and provide the raw material for 'leaks' and then blame Michael; your involvement with Deavin (which I am beginning to believe to be more sinister than you've admitted); your lunch with Gorman which I had heard about the same day; your insincerity (in pretending to be helping while dancing to the tune played by the Nine); your personal involvement in business and other matters with two of the Nine; your double-dealing, backstabbing, disloyalty and treachery.

And now you have the gall to suggest I should come with you down that path. I reject such a dishonourable proposal with contumely but I reserve the right to make it public.


AND a letter to subscribers to Facts, Figures & Phantasies about the same time:
"One of the party's MEPs, Nigel Farage, topped the poll for the NEC. Members voted for him presumably because he has the ability to speak well and project our case. But I find it intolerable that they should have ignored his indiscretions ; his ability to make a cock-up and provide the raw material for 'leaks' and then blame others for them; his lack of judgment regarding the lunch with Gorman, who has now been disciplined by the House of Commons; his refusal to do anything publicly to deal with serious allegations made about his association with right-wing extremists; his double-dealing, backstabbing, disloyalty and treachery."


Other material continues to arrive, thus making it certain that this will be a topic to which we will feel compelled to return.

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