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Tuesday, August 26, 2003 

MEP Candidates Attendance at Hustings

Considering the exchange between Dr North and Michael Cassidy regarding presenting oneself for interview and ensuring ones presence at hustings, the contrast between Dr North and myself is dramatic.

I made three trips to the North East, all from Switzerland, the first in January (only to be lied to by UKIP's Party Chairman) at short notice with a nightmare return journey spending 24 hours stuck at Luton in a snow storm and finally flying from Gatwick at great expense arriving 48 hours behind schedule. In March my wife and I spent considerable time in the constituency which we travelled throughout ensuring that I attended both hustings spread ten days apart and incurring substantial hotel and car hire costs.

I was then disqualified for pointing out the truth, now confirmed by the Treasurer's Inquiry, regarding the events that were taking place in the constituency and the leadership's acquiescence to them.

Surely Dr North could have travelled once from Bradford to Wakefield, even if a one day car hire had been involved. Wasn't he even then, that committeed?

posted by Martin |8:16 AM
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