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Friday, August 15, 2003 

Look Back in Anguish

None of the problems recounted over these many pages are of course new, as we were reminded by the arrival in the post of a leaflet from the past yesterday. Just as the problems within UKIP seem unchanged so can their source be traced back to one individual, Nigel Farage MEP.

We quote directly the first few paragraphs of the leaflet first circulated early in the year 2000. Headed by the UKIP Logo, it begins:-



We tried but.....

We have had enough

Dear friends,


Now a new party leader has been elected. Jeffrey Titford won by only 15 votes the narrowest of margins, from Rodney Atkinson (who we felt would at least have given UKIP a fighting chance). We are convinced that this election result condemns UKIP to the far right. Mr Titford was supported by Nigel Farage. Nigel Farage may have a strident speaking style which UKIP’s more aggressive members seem to admire but his actions politically have been disastrous for UKIP. He has been instrumental in deposing UKIP’s past leaders and attacks potential leaders. As UKIP Party Chairman his inaction and poor judgement allowed the extended leadership crisis, a lack of proper party procedures, bad decision making, a continuing lethargy within UKIP and botched attempts at high level defections to UKIP.

While Mr Farage holds important positions in UKIP his well publicised links to the British National Party will keep sabotaging the efforts of other UKIP members.


The long leaflet continues by covering the many other areas where UKIP faced potential problems, many of which remain to this day. The significant point to us, this morning, is that it identifies in the opening paragraphs the main culprit for UKIP's past, and from recent posts on these pages all too clearly present and ongoing, problems as being mainly due to one man, namely, Nigel Farage MEP. It predicts Jeffrey Titford as UKIP leader would be as a marionette dancing to the tune of its political puppet masters, and while one such it mentions was not long to remain in his post, its prediction as to the role of Nigel Farage appears spot-on, as quickly evidenced shortly after in the contradictory versions of the truth provided by the two MEPs in the Video Tape Copyright case.

Others named in the leaflet, some of whom are still upon the scene and thus continue to be liable to charges of complicity in allowing this electorally disastrous situation to fester, recur and poison the anti-EU cause within the UK. The vast amount of funds as disclosed as emanating from the EU coffers has been squandered and the money collected from new members anxious to join the fight against the EU is frittered away in ways the party accounts clearly fail to explain. The anti-EU cause within the UK has been effectively neutered and stymied by one individual who is allowed to continue his schemes year after year courtesy of the fear, indifference or some other factor that totally weakens the resolve of the only body that has the power to put matters to rights, namely, the National Executive Committee of UKIP

Seventeen senior and perceptive ex-party members put their name to this leaflet and stated that a further 200 UKIP members wanted to be associated with their statement. THEY HAVE BEEN LOST TO UKIP ALONG WITH MANY OTHERS OF SIMILAR CALIBRE.

Meanwhile the simple remedy of removing NIGEL FARAGE from any further party office or influence is endlessly ignored!

posted by Martin |6:45 AM
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