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Monday, August 11, 2003 

The limits to Collective Responsibility

Where the bounds lie for members of a collectively responsible executive committee whether it be Cabinet, Company Boardroom or Executive Committee of a political party must ultimately be determined by each individual member of that a body for him or herself. While it is possible for collective responsibility to be maintained for the good of the organisation in many areas, the decision as to whether the actions taken collectively have departed so far from the norms of acceptable behaviour can only be determined on an individual basis. True, a group of members could decide to impose reform from within, but success depends on their relative strength and the internal voting structures of the committee concerned. How long can individual outvoted members justify their presence on a body running out of control and beyond the bounds of behavioural norms?

The UKIP National Executive, certainly since the beginning of this year, has presided over so many breaches of its own constitutionally laid down procedures and ridden roughshod over so many fundamental tenets of natural justice, that it beomes necessary to examine the nature and background of these individuals most of whom appear to be blithely allowing this to happen.

We have added a new box to our side panel during the weekend titled National Executive Committee. The links provided will allow immediate access to the votes each member obtained in the various NEC elections and for how long they were chosen to serve; while that titled Members cvs allows access to the material they provided when seeking election.

As the further actions of the Discipline Panel, the Euro-Elections Committee and the NEC are fully exposed over the next few days these questions will become ever more pertinent.

posted by Martin |9:06 AM
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