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Wednesday, August 27, 2003 

Knapman and Lott to brave the North East

Two of the characters largely responsible for the mismanagement and finagling of the MEP candidate selection for next year's European Parliamentary elections have apparently summoned up the courage to head for the North East, one of two regions whose local committees remain suspended due to the manipulations and unconstitutional actions of Nigel Farage and the doormat NEC.

They are the rarely seen or heard from Party Leader, Roger Knapman, and the often heard from, but rarely straightforward Party Chairman David Lott. The time and place are as follows according to an announcement we have received. As this particular notice was not issued via Peter Troy, in so far as we can tell, we have no reason to doubt its veracity. We suggest confirmation be obtained from John Pearson, the only attendee named for the meeting whose truthfulness we have no reason to doubt.



All activists, ordinary members and friends are encouraged to attend this important event following the launch of our historically important, 2004 European Election Campaign

Guest Speakers

Mr Roger Knapman Mr David Lott
Party Leader Party Chairman
Mr John Pearson
MEP Candidate

Tuesday 9th September 2003 - 7.30 pm

Holiday Inn - Washington (Just off Washington exit on the A1)

We urge UKIP members from the North East to go along and ask for the facts from Knapman and Lott, particularly regarding Trevor Agnew and his BNP connections, the Treasurer's Inquiry which showed Sedgefield Branch Chairman and MEP candidate Peter Troy guilty of issuing unsolicited membership cards but no follow-up action taken, the wrongful disqualification of Cole and the disgraceful treatment of the North East Regional Committee etc, etc., etc

A full list of updated and suitable topics to put to these two devious individuals will be posted nearer the meeting's date.

posted by Martin |6:54 PM
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